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Lady Benita Todhunter (Color By MMM) by marmelmm

Lady Benita Todhunter (Color By MMM)


[quote]On one of the chaises, a vixen was bent over nearly double. She didn't seem to be in any sort of distress, though; rather, she was gripping a stylus very close to its point, and was rapidly making notations on a stiff card that I recognized (from the earlier scrum) as a dance card.

She was writing far too much, however, to be penning in names of fictitious mels, a dodge I've heard about. In point of fact, she was turning the card over this way and that, trying to fit in words.

She was on the young side, and the dress she wore was of good quality. It wasn't being worn in a way, however, that showed it, or her, to full advantage. For one thing, one of the straps was twisted into a helix. For another, even given the fact that I was steps away, and the light was dim, I could see that she had a scattering of ink-spots on the dress. Last, and by no means least, her head-fur and brush bore signs that while they may have been brushed, the individual hairs each had a mind of its own, and weren't conducive to discipline.

The way she was focused on her task, though, was quite extraordinary. Nearly the entire rest of the Shining Land was being completely ignored, to the exclusion of the card she was holding. And, it would appear, her stylus.

She stopped, paused, glowered at the end of her stylus, and shook it. Aside from one last wheezing effort that produced a spray of droplets (some of which fell on her dress), its useful existence was over.

"Netherhells and blast!" was the response. The voice, while evidently peeved, did have its attractions, as its expression was soft, well-rounded and bore clear marks of education.

Being the fur I was, I stepped forward, stylus in paw, and offered it to her. My move was, seemingly, ignored while the vixen continued to shake her stylus and grumble at her implement. I coughed, and this got her attention.

She looked up, and blinked at me. She had very clear, expressive pale blue eyes, which went very well with her fur colouration. There did seem to be something peculiar about them though, and at first, I couldn't lay my paw on what was wrong.

The answer soon became apparent, however, as she leaned forward, and squinted her eyes three-quarters shut.

"Good heavens, my dear fawn! Do your mummy and daddy know you're out this late? Ah, well. Shouldn't be asking that question. Not my place to do so, not at all. Times change, and we must change with them. Well. As long as you are here, little fawn, if you do me a favour, I'll give you a bright, shiny copper. Can you see my spectacles, anywhere about?"

Lady Benita Todhunter and text (c) EOCostello. Color by me.

Art by Tegerio as part of his Patreon Sketch Club! Join today!

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