Mark Shark 2014 (Jocks) by MarkShark

Mark Shark 2014 (Jocks)


25 March 2014 at 23:31:17 MDT

New ref picture I got from DanAndNite.

I've been changing some characteristics of my fursona recently, and you can probably tell from some of my most recent uploads. But I decided I should make those changes official by getting a drawing in those specifications.

Below there's a quick summary of the most significant changes compared to my previous reference:

• Subspecies changed: Mark is a Bull Shark - that includes some physical changes I'll describe further:

• Body - size and build: he's no longer as tall as a Great White, but he's got a lot more muscular mass and an overall thicker/wider body shape.

• Shark anatomy - fins: now he has a complementary dorsal fin on his back.

• Skin - lighter tones: this have been already correct in some of my past drawings, but now they're official to avoid confusion.

• Clothing - jockstrap model: he now wears a white athletic supporter, with or without protection cup depending on the occasion (the old one may still be used sometimes)

• Accessories - wristbands: not really a change, just a reinforcement that the spiked wristbands are a mandatory part of his design.

• Genitalia: check the adult version for details

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