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Saranyu Mitra Nala by dannex009 by MarikLaw

Saranyu Mitra Nala by dannex009


16 June 2014 at 15:34:03 MDT

A commission of my mutant character Saranyu Mitra Nala, or simply Nala to the very, very short list of friends she has. She's a girl with a major attitude problem, but underneath the rough edges is a somewhat warm-hearted and caring soul...which is hard to believe at times given all the fights she gets into because she just lets her mouth run itself off...also there's the chronic swearing/cussing, smoking, drinking, etc. She's got a few demons.

Her powers are that her bones lack bone marrow, instead they are host to a swarm of silicon-based organisms which do things her regular white cells never could. They help create new cells, keep the cells that are in her body alive and healthy, removing and destroying foreign objects from her body, and most impressively these nanites can erupt from her skin to form blades, spikes, and tendrils (though this is exceptionally painful for her).

For more detailed information about this character, you can view her X-Marvel RP profile at the following link, note that as of me posting this though my website has been clunky and slow, so it may take a while to load:

Artwork by dannex009.

Saranyu Mita Nala owned and created by Marik Law.