Hobgoblin Druid by Marc

Hobgoblin Druid


20 March 2017 at 16:54:23 MDT

In my D&D campaign and the story I'm working on, most goblin cultures put tremendous value on insects and other arthropods. They're said to be minor fey, even if they exhibit no magical qualities or abilities, so even pest species are treated with respect. While they do use giant arthropods in their work, there's no "ownership" of a creature such as a giant centipede for transport, or a huge spider used as a steed. It's more of a partnership, and their lives and well-being are looked after very closely. Killing arthropods, even pesty or dangerous ones, is culturally taboo. (Harmful ones that are venomous or spread disease are properly taken care of in the least deadly way. More often than not, goblinoids use predator species of spiders and centipedes to keep their homes pest-free.)

Druids and other magic users with a similar inclination for nature frequently interact with arthropods, using them for divination, or placing them in someone's home to bring about good fortune.

I won't even pretend--I kind of idealized the goblins' interactions with bugs and spiders and stuff based on my own views. It'd be awesome if humans could just share spaces with arthropods, and acknowledge that they're living things just minding their own business. Anyway.

Prismacolor pencils and a Pigma brush marker for the lines.

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