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Hey! I'm a chronic character-creator and a big fan of Osamu Tezuka and manga in general. I like reading and writing about a variety of things, but mostly work that centers on a single character's psyche or development. I'm an undergrad and I study history and English, and I particularly enjoy seeing how people use works of fiction to better understand whatever they were dealing with, and how people respond to those works. That said, pre- and post-war manga are especially interesting to me, though I enjoy a lot of modern stuff as well. I also collect figures and take pictures of them sometimes.

My Weasyl account is mainly used to showcase what I consider my better work. I'll do my best to update it more often!

Thanks for looking!

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New Wordpress Site

on 4 April 2017 at 18:35:03 MDT

Hey all!

I created a new Wordpress site for fiction fairly recently. Give it a look at: http://orcishreject.wordpress.com

There are a number of stories up there about my characters up there if you're interested. I write about gay, trans orcs, elves, and other fantasy races in a world full of historical revisionism and political transition. The land itself is still recovering from a magic nuclear war that happened hundreds of years in the past, and its effects still linger. The stories here are mostly about side characters and provide worldbuilding and context, and include legendary tales and myths from different cultures. I hope you'll take a look!

Thanks for reading!

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    Oh noooo how did I miss those Queer feathered dinos You were drawing, they're awesome! ;v;

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      Shucks, thank you! I'm still pretty happy with most of 'em. :D

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    Hey bro! You know who I am. ;)

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      AW HELL YEAH. I forgot that you had an account here, too! :D

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      You must be kittengut on tumblr, right? Hi! :D

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        Yep! That is a me. Hope you like your stay here~

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          Thanks, and I'm loving it already!