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"Happiness comes by waiting and sleeping," right?
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Hey! I'm a chronic character-creator and a big fan of Osamu Tezuka and manga in general. I like reading and writing about a variety of things, but mostly work that centers on a single character's psyche or development. I'm an undergrad and I study history and English, and I particularly enjoy seeing how people use works of fiction to better understand whatever they were dealing with, and how people respond to those works. That said, pre- and post-war manga are especially interesting to me, though I enjoy a lot of modern stuff as well. I also collect figures and take pictures of them sometimes.

My Weasyl account is mainly used to showcase what I consider my better work. I'll do my best to update it more often!

Thanks for looking!

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Art-only tumblr blog! + Writing

on 21 June 2016 at 21:53:28 MDT

Hey folks! I figured I'd post here that I created a blog for just my art. Unlike my weasyl gallery, it'll have everything from doodles to finished art, so if you want to see my rough work, check out: halforcnationalist.tumblr.com

I also made a Dreamwidth account specifically for posting my written works, mostly surrounding my orc characters and the world they live in. Check it out here if yer inclined!

Thanks for looking, folks!

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    Oh noooo how did I miss those Queer feathered dinos You were drawing, they're awesome! ;v;

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      Shucks, thank you! I'm still pretty happy with most of 'em. :D

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    Hey bro! You know who I am. ;)

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      AW HELL YEAH. I forgot that you had an account here, too! :D

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      You must be kittengut on tumblr, right? Hi! :D

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        Yep! That is a me. Hope you like your stay here~

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          Thanks, and I'm loving it already!