The Soulstone by Mantrid_Brizon

The Soulstone


8 October 2018 at 23:09:16 MDT

An October special, drawn by my good friend, the talented blackmustang13. (

Below is a little story to accompany the image.

Walking through the humid jungle, Mantrid's ears perk at a strange, low level hum. Turning to see the mouth of a cave, a mysterious and faintly violet glow emanates from within. Mantrid eagerly explores the dank, earthen tunnel, the light strangled by the void hidden within the depths of the earth. Soon, however, the glow reappears, and the gray and purple striped feline finds a carved stone pedestal. Without forethought, he collects a strange relic that sits upon the meter high, rock cylinder. In both hands he holds what looks and feels like a large amethyst of the highest quality, carved into a vaguely familiar shape and highly polished. Holding the crystal, he stares pensively. Why does this rock with a bizarre glow feel so familiar? Staring at what would be the eyes of the stone, he feels as though he gazes at an image of himself. A subtle, ethereal voice whispers his name...

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