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Down Below: A True Story by Mantrid_Brizon

Down Below: A True Story


This is a recollection of a painful incident that happened just the other day. Writing about it somehow made it a little easier to deal with. Though there is no swearing or gore and therefore rated "General", it recalls the finality of death. If anything, it is a cautionary tale to all readers; cherish your loved ones while you still have them, because they can vanish in an instant.

Shane's Memorial:
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, some people have no idea how much dogs mean to a person. There aren't any words I can say to make it better, but I won't lie, this really did make me cry. Just the part where you wanted to make it look like he was sleeping in his grae, my closest friend for 8 years passed away over christmas, and when we went to lie her down all I could think about was posing her to look like she was sleeping. Best of luck, and if you need to talk to someone, I'm here.

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      Thank you for your concern, and I appreciate that. It always bothered me when people said that I had a dog, because he was so much more to me. Only those of us who had to suffer such a loss will really understand. Likewise, if you ever need someone to talk too, I'm the easiest and least judgemental person I know of. :)