Chimerical - Episode 21 by Mantrid_Brizon

Chimerical - Episode 21


30 April 2018 at 14:27:19 MDT

Episode 21: A rare G-rated drama episode. Jo'dehki returns to S'ren-ja to find that Ra'kanishu had left hours earlier to rescue the mother's kidnapped daughter from the bandits. Wracked with guilt, he contemplates aiding his closest friend. Soon, however, the Imperial returns unharmed and with both the missing Khajiiti child and some of the bandit's treasure. How has Ra'kanishu accomplished such a feat? After pressing his friend, and in the safety of the family home, Jo'dehki learns Ra'kanishu's dark and terrible secret; something he has kept from his best friend and even Fjorn, since he has known them. What is the Imperial's secret? (Keywords are spoilers)