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The elusive belle by Mannoth

The elusive belle


A fresh student into the world of arcane academia, Lucibelle had her gifts for magic cultivated from an early age in a land foreign to most magi. Overuse of her potent ice magic gradually drained her once-vibrant complexion, and as she grew older, so too did a desire to see the world. It was this drive that led her to Ethro, the mage's college, and to the town where she would meet her best friend.

Lucibelle can be pretty hard to find due to her size problems. Ironically, happens to have the opposite problem in my gallery and is a bit hard to miss because of the avalanche of attention I've showered upon her. is a wonderful person, artist, and friend. After having done a few sketch pages for me, she whipped up this ref sheet of Lucibelle which is one of the first concrete ref sheets I've ever received! It's only natural and fitting that it would be of the character I have had difficulty NOT obsessing over, of course. It kinda goes without saying that I love it to death and will likely make good use of it!

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    My goodness she is the cutest snooter patooter! Inkfinity did a fantastic job bringing Lucibelle to life as did you with your wonderful words. :3

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      Isn't she though! She is just too good at getting down those sheepy snoots, as you will soon agree!