Chili Dog Cheer! by Manji

Chili Dog Cheer!


24 May 2016 at 21:41:23 MDT

Sooo, this commission went through a few fazes and trials....and HOJEEZ AM I GLAD I was able to discuss this with the artist beforehand!!! @v@

Herro apparently was kind enough to take this commission when I applied for a slot a few months ago! But due to life stuff and business on both of our ends, we only just got around to it today! but GOSH WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT~!!!

Herro likes hot dogs...i like hot dogs
I love cheerleader stuffs...Herro is TOTALLY down with cheerleader stuffs!
and when she agreed to my request draw me in a cheerleader outfit that was designed to fit my fursona's new, Extra-large sized body, I mentally started jumping up and down and clapping like a sugar-hyped 12-year-old xD Literally: this is perfect!! Thank you SO so much,   herro !!!

for anyone curious, YES! I do love cheerleader stuffs! Herro helped me design and perfect this outfit, so I cannot take all of the credit. But for some people that poked me about this on twitter when I mentioned it, (i.e.   gluepaw and   redneckfur), this is what Manji would look like if she was the Squad Captain of her own cheerleading team, the South Town Sharks!

A few things to note:
-The Sharks don't discriminate based on body size, shape, and species. If you can prove your worth and mettle in the tryouts, you're welcome to join!
-The Sharks don't bite their own kind! Any mean-spirited jabbing, harassment, or hazing of other teammates on the squad is grounds for expulsion from the squad
-The uniforms for the Sharks are designed to fit comfortably at all sizes!! Just as Manji displays on hers, the top fits perfectly, and the skirt goes over her belly to help give her the most comfort when doing her cheers!

-UNFORTUNATELY, due to the tailor that made these being typically biased towards bigger bodies, the smaller sizes fit perfectly on normal sized bodies. It's at the bigger sizes (XXXL and up) that the skirts begin to cover less of the backside even when the wearer is even standing up! Manji here is seen wearing a 4XL, and when standing the skirt would cover just down to the bottom of her butt in the back (making her feel a nice breeze on her under-butt whenever wearing this outfit).

What team do the South Town Sharks cheer for? Any team in South Town!
Where is South Town? Idunno, probably nearby! rofl

seriously, though, I cannot thank Herro enough for this wonderful piece of artwork!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ;u; this is beautiful and awesome, and i love it <3<3<3<3
artwork by   Herro
Manji © me

(also, as a side note, by this point I've kinda settled on the fact that Manji is a shape shifter of sorts...her "true" form is a fatty shark/dragon, with the best/most accurate ref being...THIS ONE! You're looking at the current best reference! )

Flat colors for the outfit/body reference are here:


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    this like so awesome, Herro did awesome job on this ^^

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      i knowww <3 Herro did SUCH an amazing job!! like, way too good!