Children and Children Only by ManictheMod

Children and Children Only


3 August 2017 at 20:27:47 MDT

Okay, so imagine this: You're at home on the internet minding your business, and you hear some knocking on the door. You open, and you see a parent with their bastard offspring (because why the hell not), and the parent asks you to do a favor for them. Kind of like this:

You: /minding your damn business like a grown ass adult/

Parent: /knocks on the door/

You: /opens and sees the parent with their bastard offspring/

Parent: Hey, can you do me a quick favor?

You: (Who the fuck is this?) Uh, sure...

Parent: Can you watch my kid?

You: Sure... are you busy doing something?

Parent: No, why?

You: Well then, why don't you watch your kid?

Parent: /listening to fuck all of what you just said and instead looks at your Vocaloid (because that was the fandom I was most into when I was a dumb middle school kid) shirt/ Are you still into that?

Bastard Offspring: /also notices your Vocaloid shirt/ Look, they're into Vocaloid, too!

Parent: You're a grown ass adult! You should watch what you do in these fandoms; there are kids there!

You: ...I'm sorry, but do I know you two? /shuts the damn door/


I just explained Hellsite Discourse in a convoluted, confusing, and half-assed manner. I should stop listening to Ludacris. :^)

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    Sorry that happened to you. Some parents really shouldn't be parents.

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      Didn't happen to me exactly, but I did want to bring it up as it happens a lot on Tumblr.

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      Actually, you know what? It just happened.

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      And it's mostly on Tumblr. (Sorry for spamming you with replies.)

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        Its alright. XD Tumblr is something entirely different. I avoid it most of the time.