Adults are Stupid by ManictheMod

Adults are Stupid


8 January 2017 at 12:10:36 MST

I hear this question all the time, especially about liberal stuff (since I'm a dirty liberal), and I think the reason why adults don't understand modern stuff as fast as younger people is when you get older, you brain activity slows down. So I guess this is sort of an explanation as to why old people don't understand stuff like the internet or gay rights or nonbinary genders...

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    Not really, and plenty of older people understand these things. Honestly, the world is just a massive and complicated place and you just cant expect everyone (including kids) to be able to understand, relate to, or support every new thing they come across - especially when they've been raised and taught to understand the world in a certain way. It's also easy to learn about new things as a kid, you've got the time and support of adults to do so, but adults have their hands tied raising you, being watchful of the social and political atmosphere, juggling finances and taxes and bills to ensure they can afford their lifestyle, working and making sure their can keep their jobs and relationships in tact, etc. But you'll find that out eventually ¯_(ツ)_/¯