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Separation by Mandolin



I split in two some people's characters:

1) YurixTheWanderer's character, Aleph.
She divided into Beth and Tav (second and last letters in the Hebrew alphabet, since Alpeh is the first one).
- Beth got all of Aleph's shyness. She barely can talk or simply be too close to anyone. It's a serious problem. She's not a warrior, and the only magic she retains are healing powers. But it's hard for her just took enough courage to heal someone.
- Tav is curious, inquisitive and always wondering how the world works. But she completely lacks manners. Not very ladylike or elegant. In battle, she uses her offensive magic power without consideration, can be really scary at that point.

2) ZeroForever's Tammy, formerly Tim, from the Overlord Bob universe.
The two halves in which she divided are:
- Thomasina: Even more sweet, tender, bubbly and bimbo-esque than Barbie. She's happy and in love with her, and that's all, because she's... well, you know, simple-minded.
- Tamylin: Basically, she has recovered Tim's original proud personality, but with no masculine traits. That should make her an enemy of Barbie again. However, she's still in love with Barbie, so she's gonna have a pretty high number in her "tsundere" stat.

3) cyero's character Oublitette, who already has a double personality! (Sorta...)
Oubliette was separated in:
- Miette: Even when Oubliette just pretended to be a silly teenager sometimes, this part of her mind has come to life in Miette's form, much more innocent than her fake counterpart.
Being this her origin, she fells like a fraud, even if this time she's not posing! It's very confusing for her, but she's a real part of Oubliette's mind: she's the part that makes Oubliette to hold herself back!
- Oblivion: With the good part of Oubliette's psique gone, Oblivion's got all the craziness and murderous thoughts. She can't barely react rationally, is near to behave like a beast. 

Originally Published: Nov 13, 2011

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