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Outbreak - by: theblackrook and LavenderPandy by Mandakatt

Outbreak - by: theblackrook and LavenderPandy


Panting heavily as they rounded the corner, she stumbled only for a moment, before scrambling back to her feet as Tiggs grabbed her hand and pulled her upright. He said not a word but tugged her to him, causing her to gasp softly as he took cover behind that dumpster in the alleyway.

Panting she placed her hand to her arm, biting her lower lip as she tried not to say a word, or make a sound, otherwise those... things would find them. She knew it.

"Hey...You ok?"

He spoke softly, causing her ears to turn to him, listening. She gave a nod but winced visibly as he moved her hand, blinking at the blood that ran down her arm, staining her shirtsleeve. She lowered her gaze and shivered, she was tired, so very tired, and she feared that she'd not be able to keep up.

"I'm slowing you down..." she panted as she spoke softly. "...Just...go. If they...find you.. a-aah.." she winced again, blinking as he wrapped a bandage tightly about her arm, tying it tightly at the back of her arm. She bit her lip once again to not cry out at the sharp biting pain. She had no idea how she got the wound either - and that alone made her nervous.

"No. I am not leaving you behind. Now...C'mere..." He pulled her to him, causing her to blink in surprise. He slipped an arm about her back, and another under her legs. "...Now then. Any complaints?"

She blinked up at him, shaking her head before her ears perked forwards, causing her to gasp softly. "Shh!" he hushed her quickly, quietly. His arms slipped out from under her knees, resting her legs against his own as he crouched, slowly drawing his sidearm. "...I won't ever leave you alone...ok?" He turned his head, gritting his teeth a bit as he strained to listen.

Her hand moved, gripping the bit of body armor on the front of his uniform. She nodded again gently, and kept herself quiet, ears turning back as she heard the shuffling come closer.....


squeals, flails, then squeals again ... Ahem yes.. Now then. To quote Rhade: "May their love last through the outbreak..." Who knows if they'll make it. giggle I sure hope they do! blush

Seriously though - go watch both Pandy and Rhade. Rhade's lines, like always, I absolutely adore, and Pandy did a most EXCELLENT job on the colors on this piece.

Mandakatt ©: Me

Tiggs ©:   lone_tiggs

Sketch, and Lines:    theblackrook

Amazing Colors:    lavenderpandy

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