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Fidget plush by Mancoin

Fidget plush


Phwew! There, I finally finished it.
~2 weeks since I started her, here she is - Fidget! the plush :3
The whole process was quite the adventure. I mean it went from toilet paper and ducktape, to lots of bits and pieces, that looked like a crime scene after a bombing, to it looking like I caught and skinned a nimbat... and it all ended with me filling her all up with white stuff... Ah, good times lights a fake cigar good times.
And then the disappointment sets in. Anyone with perfectionism will know what I'm talking about - even though it's pretty much my first plushie, I became very unhappy with how it looks....
Too fat in places, weird looking face, failed ears, odd wings.... ah well - next time I think I'll steer clear of faux fur and stay with only fleece... it sheds much less

Anyhow, you can judge the size by the picture on the left, that's a 30 centimeter ruler next to her
Or by the one on the right, where my HUMONGOUS left hand is in the shot c:

So there you go, I can now snuggle the F*CK out of an adorable nimbat ... all night long >:3

Fidget is © Dean Dodrill

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    Nice work! It's a shame there isn't more Nimbat merch available.

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      Thankies ^^
      Yea, it'd be nice to find some more of her, but I guess Dust's indie enough to not get a huge toy-line