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Spherical Shark Snack Attack by Mama_JC

Spherical Shark Snack Attack


21 August 2014 at 15:48:04 MDT


You rear back then thrust at the shark, trying to catch it in your grasp. He tries to pull back but you barrel into the shark’s ample gut, catching him off guard. Pinning his jaw shut, you push the shark’s snout into your mouth, grasping at his sides and pulling them towards you, forcing its neck and fins into your mouth.
You crane your jaws wider to move over the shark, and once you’re past his widest part, the rest of his wet body slips in, with only a tail hanging out of your mouth. You push the rest of the tail into your mouth, close it and swallow, and you can hear several loud, gnashing snaps from inside your stomach. Fortunately, sharks have mouths that are positioned in a bad way to get a grip on curved surfaces like the inside of your stomach, because you can feel his snout pushing against your stomach walls and presumably getting in the way. You float in the water and gently rub your squirming stomach until it slows till a stop, waiting around for a little bit to give yourself time to digest before you swim off, to stop yourself getting a cramp.


My bunny decided to have a light snack on her way to dine on dinos.

I'm possibly killing two birds with one stone.

  1. Fan art because I've been playing Noone's Fatty Text Adventure Game on my tablet.

  2. Isn't FBW close?

    I still haven't decided on a name for my rabbit form. I was kinda thinking "Velvetanna" because of the velveteen lop/tan rabbit mix, but I don't know.

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    omg it's inflation :o

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      Nah. It's just implied vore. Though it may have been a different story had I drawn the orca instead. XD

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        also... that shark already looks inflated! is this from some text based adventure game i may have played?

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          Yup. There's a bubble orca in the game as well. I think the shark's just plain fat as heck. ^w^

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            then that IS the game i played, and I loved that area x3 it's a shame rhe sharks weren't inflated, but one can dream <3 you drew this really well :D

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              I love the area too. Though I wish that there were more ocean creatures, like fruit-flavored jellyfish or blueberry whales. x3 True. It looks like you can jut put strings on the sharks and have them float with you.

              And thanks. ^w^

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                you're very welcome c:

                i'd commission an inflation thingy of Manji like this xD