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Two Comic Reading Cuties... by MalyDude

Two Comic Reading Cuties...


5 October 2016 at 11:01:04 MDT

One thing that was mentioned some time ago about Shannon was that she's an avid comic book reader. She even has an as-of-yet unseen sizable collection of them. X3 In this image, Shannon seems to be reading a comic book which features one of her favorite superheroes! Hm... I wonder whom it could be? >w> It also seems that she has a little fuzzy buddy joining her with his own perfectly-sized comic book!

This image was done by Deon Wolf, and I must say he did a wonderful job with Shannon, she looks considerably cute and plush. >///> And I couldn't resist having her have a little bit of company as you can see, heh.

Shannon Zerdah belongs to me.

Deon Pup and the art belongs to Deon Wolf, and his post is over here.