[Gift by Spykezap drawn by Stigmata]..The Dark Lord.. by Malk

[Gift by Spykezap drawn by Stigmata]..The Dark Lord..


20 November 2014 at 13:52:43 MST

..That moment you realize that darkness is needed for light to exist and there is an entity that embodies it all..He is eternal, just like the damnation he carries and the despair that instills in every creature's heart..

I know I know, it was supposed to be an endless wall of text right above to add flavor to the pic and make it more alive, but this time guys, I couldn't find anything cause the picture says everything itself and it is so damn gorgeous that words ain't needed. This totally blow me out, when I received it, and I still can't believe that I got something drawn by my fave artist ever for birthday gift, wow, that spykezap is such a lovely devil! I could never thank him enough for such gesture and I'm wondering how he knew stigmata is my everything about art and that I've been craving to get something more from him so much awr!
I can't express how much I love this, which I believe to be the best and finest piece of art I have ever got. The orange background blends perfectly with the subject and that Malk is best indeed. The pose is so catchy, standing on a pillar in the middle of the shadowlands ready to perform a dark ritual that not even the most crazy of mind would dare to know about. That smug certainly expresses yet hides the Lord's intentions and nature, those lines and colors utterly amazing, after all stigmata ain't my fave artist by chance eheh.
A trillion of thanks to spykezap for the amazing gift, you crazy thing, and to stigmata for having made this true, I'll make sure to get this printed on a canvas cause such masterpiece deserves no less.
Remember to fave and comment the original one, and also to check a comparison to an earlier pic of mine, located on stigmata's personal account that comes with some wise lines both for artists and commissioners.

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Outstanding Artwork © stigmata
Gift by the amazing spykezap
The Dark Lord © malk

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