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[Gift by The-Narutoshi]..Tug of war.. by Malk

[Gift by The-Narutoshi]..Tug of war..


20 January 2014 at 08:13:53 MST

Aalto: Hey, let's do something sexual tonight.
Naroo: No way he has to help me baking some muffin he promised so
Aalto: Fine, he can do that while making out with me
Malk: Ahem..What about asking for my own opinion first?
Naroo: Fair enough! So, We are going to cook together later and dump the bunny aren't we?
Malk: Well I promised you so..
Aalto: No way he is mine tonight..tugs
Naroo: You aren't blue enough to claim him sorry! tugs
Malk: Guys there is no need to argue
Aalto: I have blue eyes, it's mine tugs some more
Naroo: I'm bluer than you so you lose tugs
Malk: Not sure if to be scared of not honestly..
Aalto: Don't worry Malky I'll take care of you
Malk: Shut up faggot, don't call me like that
Aalto&Naroo: But why it's so adorable, just like you <3 tugs
Malk: I'm not adorb, stop you two..someone saves me please D:...

Wow, wow, wow, wow! Yesterday night I got dragged in a vocal with those two bad guys here (the-narutoshi n ikillyou) who kept remarking how adorable I and my accent are, NO WAY D:! And in doing so that sillybutt of Naru drew this fantastic piece that depicts, more or less, what happened during such colorful and pleasing convo that, together with this gift, totally made my day, or rather my week (and comes with a nice timing cause i'm so stressed with the exam and whatnot). I can't say how much I love this and appreciate the time spent with them and some other critters such as tylowell, one of their great friend, although I was VERY tired and both Naru and the bunny were giggling at me while keeping compliment at me, and I'm not used at that awr D:. What I like most of this pic are Naru's expression, it makes me so happy only at gazing at it, Aalto's latin lover attitude and my complete cluelessness..and those Malk feetsies yes (karosu I know you are there and gazing at them siuahaha <3!).
Thanks again to Naru for the fantastic gift and for having dragged me in such convo (desides being a great artist and friend) and to the bunny too although he tried to strip the blue off everything; and, as always of course, to whoever will fave/comment this/the original piece. Love you all!


Gift, Artwork and the most enthusiastic dragon ever ©  the-narutoshi
Naughty homo bunny ©  ikillyou
Contested scarred bluebutt © malk