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SONAS - ZAK - First Portrait by MalGV

SONAS - ZAK - First Portrait


First look at a new OC of mine: Zakariyya the Cockatrice-Gryphon hybrid!

He usually goes by "Zak", "Zack" or "Zacky" (by his mum). He's got elements of rooster and dragon (on cockatrice side) and vulture and tritemnodon (on gryphon side, instead of eagle and lion). I love how he turned out, colors and such, hes my wonderful ugly boy! XD

This is also meant to be my new approach to doing character portraits, both flat and full-rendered (like this). I'm glad I found a nice-looking way to add my company logo as well as my kitty-signature at the bottom. I look forward to doing commissions in this style now!

Character is obviously © me.