Can't You Hear The Music? by Malaika

Can't You Hear The Music?


28 October 2012 at 15:58:43 MDT

"Everyday has its ups and downs

You think you're lost

You will be found

I know its hard, it gets tough sometimes

You gotta hold on, like a carousel

Going around & around & around & around.."

A gift for likeshine. She's such an amazing person and I'm so glad to have her as a friend. She's been having some rough stuff go on in her life lately, so I wanted to do something in an attempt to cheer her up <3

I did the drawing and the coloring is by vekke. Thanks so much to her for making this look more awesome than I ever could!

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    I really like the two of these that I remember you drawing, they're some of my favorite pieces by you, and not just because of the coloring, the drawings themselves are very nice.

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      Thank you! c: I really appreciate that. I'd love to do more of them sometime, they're like my two favorite things that I've drawn. I'm just so glad Vekke helped me color them cause she made them look way more amazing then I ever could

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        Well even the way she colored them wouldn't be too hard to emulate! You aren't bad at coloring anyway, you might just wanna play around with layer properties and variations in photoshop, that might give you that vibrant warm feeling these colors seem to give off :O

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    My mother use to do carousel art. Seeing these images with a new take on tradition hits home in a warm fuzzy way. Awesome job!

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      Thanks so much! That makes me happy to hear :D

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    Oh wow the colours on this are stunning < 3

    Love the concept and pose as well