Fall Badge - Jas by Malachyte

Fall Badge - Jas


28 September 2014 at 11:55:31 MDT

Example of a general Fall themed badge, for my friend Jas Jas. Do you like orange and leaves and stuff so much you wanna die? Then you are insane, and you might also like this badge.

These badges are 4.75" by 3.75", laminated and slot-punched. Each badge is $20 plus shipping, depending on where you live, paid via paypal invoice.

Copics used: YR07, YR12, YR16, Y15, Y38R05, RV11, E04, E00, E44, E47, E27.

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    I love this so much. It FEELS warm to look at, and the colors are so soft and nicely bundled together. Like leaves. I'm still not quite sure how you did such wickedly nice blending, but it worked REALLY WELL!! It's a lovely contrast of crisp, mostly unblended color (the shirt) and organic, gradient color (the face and hair). The gold gel pen border is a really nice touch, too. It's so much fun trading with you!! Thanks again :)

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      Oh gosh <3 You are so welcome! I can't wait for you to see it in person, too. I think I still need your address though (or did you send it and I forgot again? stupid brain). The border is like a shimmery copper gel pen that I loooove, but it's hard to scan glitter gel pens and get the color they truly are.