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Personal - One Year Ago by Malachyte

Personal - One Year Ago


Wow, I looked at the info for this file, and it is 5 days away from being 1 year old! Sometimes drawings get left in my WIP folder for a long time before I remember to check it...

This was from when I was starting to stream my art more, and I was looking for something Twincest related to draw to attract more audience to start me out with. I left it nearly complete for ages, and finally filled in the colors last month, only to forget the poor thing once again. I am a neglectful artist when it comes to this drawing, ugh.

So, what do you think? Is it immediately apparent this drawing is a year old? Not so much?

Personally I think it's hard to tell. This drawing was one of those "top of my current skill" drawings, which has become my normal range of quality as of now, so I think it could blend in with my recent work because of this.

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    Those two <3

    It's beyond sex with them. There's a real bond and you make it show.

    Excellent work as always!

    (and for helping me discover a fetish I never knew I had <_< )

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    YER the artist of that twincest comic?!? DUDE! o//0

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      It's true! I sit around and draw skunk porn sometimes. Livin' the American dream.

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        gods~ *dies* heh, I remember fallowing that comic years back ;d nice to meet ya amiga :3

        ahaha~ all yer missing is a chilled glass of sangria and the dream's complete~