[CM] Kat the Foxtaur, feat. Tasty Pizza by Malachyte

[CM] Kat the Foxtaur, feat. Tasty Pizza


15 December 2016 at 13:32:41 MST

This commission was a great opportunity to draw two things I don't do very often; taurs and fat. I love drawing curved shapes, so it just kind of follows naturally that I like drawing fat characters. Taurs are just kinda neat, though I don't specifically enjoy drawing them (nor dislike drawing them). I love drawing things I don't do often, it's a fun exercise!

I'm happy with how the body came out, for sure. Kat actually helped me with a few of the bulges around the left arm and chest that made it more natural, too, which I really appreciated. My lighter blue markers are pretty much dried out after this one though, ha ha. I need to replace some of my ink soon.

Character (c) katthefoxtaur
Full color traditional media commission with detailed shading.
Copics Used: RV19, R02, R08, R37, YR02, YR15, YR21, YR24, Y11, Y15, BC01, B00O, B00, B01, B06, B28, V000, V01, V09, V17, E09, E13, E15, E27, C5, C7
Windsor & Newton Marker: V626

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Visual / Traditional


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    Thank you sooo much again! I really am so thrilled with this picture!!! :D Definitely one of the best pics of Kat to date, and trust me, I have literally thousands of commissions of him. X3