[CM] Magical Knight Kelix by Malachyte

[CM] Magical Knight Kelix


9 August 2016 at 16:31:33 MDT

The second to last of the take home commissions I had from Anthrocon. I finished it a bit ago, but fell behind on posting art, as I always do. The outfit is one of my own design, but it's made to fit in with the armor designs from Magic Knight Rayearth, a very beloved anime from my high school days. Kelix is a fellow CLAMP lover, and was excited to have me draw something fitting that general vibe.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time designing the armor and layout for this. I decided to pick silver and rose gold for the metallic parts, to vary up the colors a bit and tie in the warm reds in the fur to the cool purples of the cloth. The hardest part was actually the rapier handle. There is a lot of variety among those, and it was difficult to chose one that would fit the armor, be fancy, but not be overly complex and attract too much attention from the face of the character.

Thank you again for commissioning me, Kelix, and for your kind support. It really means a lot!

Character (c) Kelix Malachite
Copics: W5, W7, C3, C5, C7, BC01, B000, BV00, V000, V01, V09, V17, RV19, RV29, R01, R02, R17, R22, R37, R39, YR02, YR12, E02, E44, E47, Colorless Blender
Winsor & Newton Brushmarker: V626, V746

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    Watching you work on this has been pretty great. Definitely one of the coolest magical girl pieces I've seen you do. Awesome job! :3