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Happy Anniversay "Photo" Set by Malachyte

Happy Anniversay "Photo" Set


20 July 2015 at 07:39:41 MDT

Toby and I are terrible about taking pictures, so I thought I'd draw a couple furry-as-hell representations of some of my favourite moments in our daily lives. It's the small moments that I find to be some of the most precious in our life together.

Toby is always trying to get me to eat new foods; he likes to put spaghetti sauce on his macaroni and cheese sometimes, but for some reason that just appalls me. I can't eat new food or food combos unless I have weeks of mental preparation. It's a rigorous process.

He also has the best squishy butt and skooshy soft cheeks. None shall know the amazing pillowy nature of his hot bod.

We started watching Walking Dead again (we're on season 4, no spoilers please), and it's always a stressful pleasure to watch it together. His calm, totally unaffected face mystifies me.

We got one of those Japan crates full of weird snacks, and one of them was a long gummy that was coca cola flavoured and pretty not great tasting. I suggested we eat it at the same time, but it turns out having someone chew furiously towards your own face is actually kind of alarming!

This morning, he came to bed at around 5am, and I happened to be sorta awake. I mentioned something about Walking Dead lore, then he countered with a brief mentioning of Pokemon. For the next 45 minutes, we ranted and discussed Pokemon lore and all the inconsistencies and weirdness, and it was great fun. I think our bed time talks are some of the best moments.

I look forward to many more years with you, Tobyfox.

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    This is adorable. You two are adorable. Happy Anniversary and such-and-such!

    I have to assume that romantic scene in Lady and the Tramp was written in by someone who has never watched a dog eat.

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      Ha, most likely. There's certainly a great deal more drooling than they let on.

      Thanks for the kind words!

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    Dig the binder look. (assuming that's a binder, that is!) Congrats you guys, you're adorable, it seems~

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      Thanks :3 That's actually a sports bra, but it's really thick and works almost exactly like a binder, so I use it like one, ha ha.

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    The cutes in this picture ... they are adorable

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    This is to adorable