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All You Need to Know About Homunculus by Makeshiftstory

All You Need to Know About Homunculus


Okay this was a task to do thanks to dog related issues, but here it is! The Homunculus Reference Guide! Now they work just like Golems, they come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and shapes, they are quasi immortal, Sexless, and they never age. The only difference is their process and the fact they can bleed. Guest Star Appearance of Mystrunner's Homunculi, Enid the Cow Homunculi!

How They are Made

While the old process had been lost due to vandals and the priests, the new method is considered fairly close to the Original. The first things needed is a jar, clay, Hair of human, hair or hairs of the animal or plants samples, the spell scroll, and a Secret fluid concoction. First, the clay is shaped to be vaguely human with the incorporated hairs or samples before being placed into the jar. Once in the jar, the special fluids are poured inside. It is recommended to make a drawing on the special scroll on what you wish for the homunculus to look like, otherwise the fluids will shape the homunculus with whatever DNA it has to work with. The jar lid is then sealed with wax and the whole Jar is placed in a safe, cool dry place for the Homunculus to 'Bake'. The Baking time varies depending on how much clay was used, like with a one foot tall Moonchild, it would take seven months to bake.


The History of Homunculus dates as far back as the Ancient Egyptians when they were first conceived and created. According to Legend, The Homunculus was first conceived and created by the God Khnum himself as his masterpieces to share with his other mankind. The Homunculus were originally only created by the Priests of Khnum, often making them for the higher class for money to fund their temples. The Homunculus back then were incredibly common place, much like how Golems are today. However, things started to fall apart with the first being the rebellion of the Legion Homunculus. The legion had created chaos and large amount of damage to the Dynasty before they were finally exterminated by orders of the Pharaoh. For a time it became peaceful, though the Worker and Companion Homunculus were mortified by the event and started to seek Equality between them and the Humans. Tension between the Homunculus and their creators, the priests of Khnum raised greatly during this. According to Scholars, the last straw that triggered the wide scale Massacre and supposed Extinction of the Homunculus was when a few Homunculus began to create other Homunculus. The Priests of Khnum were the ones that had ordered the wide scale execution of all Homunculus, spreading lies and terror upon the general public and the countless Homunculus lives lost to it. The Surviving Homunculus fled the towns they were in for the safety of the desert where they still live in to this very day. It wouldn't be till many millenias later when the homunculus would be reintroduced once more to the modern day and the new Homunculus are solely created by the Immortal known as Minka. The New Homunculus are only kept by Immortals and are given the equal treatment that their predecessors had once sought for.


Legion : These were the first Homunculus to be created in the old Styled formate. They were huge, reaching about six to seven feet in height and intimidating along with being completely unstable. The Legion Homunculus were used as soldiers in warfare as well as bodyguards. Due to their Unstable nature and the fact they would go into berserker mode on a flip of a dime, these were the first to be eradicated. Currently there is only four Legion Homunculus left in the world. The Legion Homunculus are Closed off and are not to be made unless I grant permission.

Worker : The Worker Homunculus were the second in the line of Old Styled. They were Sturdy and strong for the labor tasks they were given along with being about two to four feet in height. They were the ones that had cattle like attributes in their appearance and had a similar learning speeds to a Human. A lot of them excelled in shepherding and Nurses. Due to the abuse and belittlement the majority had received, they started to learn how to make more of their own kind. This was one of the many factors that had lead to the Massacre that wiped out a huge chunk of the Old Styled Homunculus.

Companion : The Last and the ones that were considered the Genesis of the Alchemiac Golems and Moonchildren Homunculus were the Companion Homunculus. They were incredibly fast learners and very small, about one to two feet in height. With the Companion Homunculus, they could have either Animal or Plant like traits on them. They were also the leading head for Homunculus rights and wanting other Homunculus to be given equal treatment. After the Massacre, many of the Leading Homunculus today are the Companion.

MoonChildren : Moonchildren are the newer Type of Homunculus and could easily be compared to the Companion with the difference being that while the companion could hold only one specific animal trait or Plant Trait, Moonchildren can have two traits in combination. They also are the ones with more human like eyes save for the pupil. Like with Companion, their height range is one to two feet. They are very much big time music lovers, often collecting music they like to dance with.

Faun : As the name implies, Faun Homunculus tend to resemble the mythological faun minus the lecherous aspect. Height range varies greatly, being the more diverse in terms of Homunculus. Just like with Moonchildren, they can hold two traits in combination. While a hooved trait is common, they can, though rarely, have lower half of a different critter like a dog for example. The Faun Type of Homunculus are very musical, often being very fascinated with instruments and vocals.

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