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Check my commissions journal entry for into on how to ask for an art request from me or get a commission.

Feel free to talk with me or add me as a friend if you want, i probably won't be too social on here, as DA is my main site but i'll try my best!

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update and important info :0

on 24 July 2016 at 09:05:09 MDT

uhh so just wanted to say a few things i guess,
so first if you couldnt tell im not on here to often but i kinda just ignored my acount here for a while since i usually dont get an notifications or anything. if you want a place where i actually active try my DA or Ello cuz im on DA pretty much 24/7 and i check ello a lot for notifications. (Links to theses places can be found on my Page)

Second Just wanna drop that i do commissions i have a journal for that, that i plan on updating v soon, i do take requests sometimes but they're only going to be a messy colored sketch from now on, and i usually only take them when i really feel like it or have artblock. I do, do art trades btw so if anyone would like to do one with me feel free to PM and ask! i would be happy to do one with anyone.

Thanks to whoever actually read this! means a lot honestly.

If you have any questions about my art, other places im at, me personally, or anything- id be happy to answer them so please feel free to ask away.

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