I came here as second site to display my characters. However, unlike at FurAffinity, not only will I post the same anthro works here, but also non-anthro characters related to Katheron O'Nine (a little something in the works, regarding her, including my personal character.).

Some works may feature characters from another site where I partake rolepalying. Also featuring my fan-made Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 3 characters, which me and my folks still have in the works.

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Seems to be always the last month of the Winter

on 1 August 2019 at 15:12:13 MDT

And I've caught another cold. And yet it felt like I was adapting very well for 2 whole months.

Also thumbs hurt; can't tell if it's frostbite or the utter pain induced by my Xbone controller's thumbsticks. Even now I'm still struggling to make ends meet, as 2 months go by and I still haven't finished the last 5 requests in the process.

Maybe once I've got this batch done; I'll be doing two per month, starting with those that have multiple characters, usually from those that forget that I already had a request from them, and they end up making me add another character; which is pretty much my fault for allowing those.

Right now, I might put the current requests on hold (NOTE THAT I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE REQUESTS AFTER THESE), just to take part in a few art jams hosted by some of my friends. I need a break; and it'll be a very long one once the list is finally complete.

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    thank you for the fav <3

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      No problem, dude. Pretty neat work you've got there. ;)

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        aww thank you thank you, that makes me very happy to hear <3

        your are is pretty cute

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    You draw some pretty neat stuff, you deserve a watch :D