Thank you for visiting my page! You can reference me as MOS (or people just dual-use my character's names for me for ease, like Dev or Elfbeans). I'm still a developing artist with a lot to learn and work on, but I do what I can! I would consider myself a hobbiest more than a professional.

Although my collection varies, I mainly draw humanoid-type males (and generally of the masculine variety). There's some other things I try to dabble in, but that's usually my output. Apologies in advance if I don't update that often, I'm dreadfully scatterbrained and busy with life in the flesh world!

You can find me at the following alternate links, which I often more active at:
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Sorry for incoming upload spam!

on 9 April 2018 at 22:30:01 MDT

I'm trying to migrate a lot of my art to here from tumblr, since I haven't been very confident in that site as of late given how they've been throttling adult content. D:

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    Hey, your art is looking pretty great! I'm excited to see what you out up next.

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      Aaahh thank you very much! I apologize if I don't update to often on here. Occasionally I just do big uploads of all the things from the past few months, so heads-up for possible new-art spam!

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        I'll be looking foreward to it! Don't think i have run into a single piece i dislike so job well done and i look forward to seeing more!

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