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Thank you for visiting my page! You can reference me as MOS (or people just dual-use my character's names for me out of ease, like Dev or Elfbeans). Full disclosure, I'm bad at being active on social media, particularly here. Just never been too skilled at balancing active updates on multiple platforms!

Although my collection varies, I mainly draw fantasy humanoid-type males (and generally of the masculine variety). There's some other things I try to dabble in, but that's typically my output.

You can find me at the following alternate links, which I often more active at:
Main Twitter
SFW / Casual Twitter
Kink Twitter - Warning for WG/Fat kink themes
Personal Site

Previous Places:

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Sorry for incoming upload spam!

I'm trying to migrate a lot of my art to here from tumblr, since I haven't been very confident in that site as of late given how they've been throttling adult content. D:

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    Hey, your art is looking pretty great! I'm excited to see what you out up next.

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      Aaahh thank you very much! I apologize if I don't update to often on here. Occasionally I just do big uploads of all the things from the past few months, so heads-up for possible new-art spam!

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        I'll be looking foreward to it! Don't think i have run into a single piece i dislike so job well done and i look forward to seeing more!

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