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Commission & PWYW Stream by Mai

Commission & PWYW Stream


Hello My Lovelies!!! I am working on commissions and also having a Pay What You Want Stream! 18+
Join the Discord!


You pay what you want and I draw as much as you paid
Any kinds of art (but remember about price, for $5 i wont draw an illustration with full shade)
So it can be a sketch or full render, depends on price and my inspiration
You can write your preferences, what character like or dislike, but I'll make a decision about poses and so - artistic freedom ^^
I WILL NOT draw what you dislike

So write me in the stream or in the Discord or here in the comments or in notes!

Just don't forget to write:
Link to your reference
Any preferences / dislikes
Payment amount! ^^

Feel free to ask any questions!!!

No Gore, Vore, Scat, Water Sports, Death, Cub