Hi! Call me Momma Mai! I'm your happy, busty, bouncy, herm dragoness!
I am a mischievous Momma dragon that loves everyone!!! So come and enjoy my work and let me entertain you!
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Happily Married

Tools of the Trade: Pen, Paper, Colored Pencils, and Photoshop

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: ASK

Commission Info
Tips are Welcomed! They help me to get More Coffee & Monsters!!!

I am available on all social media and e-mail!

Commission List:

Iva 1 Page Comic Detailed - Drawing

Blakgryf 1 piece 3 Character - Awaiting Payment
Blakgryf 1 piece 3 Character - Awaiting Payment
Blakgryf 1 piece 3 Character - Awaiting Payment
Blakgryf 0/3 Commission Done

Katie 3 Person Comic Detailed - Coloring - Paid - Drawn

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Back from the Dead!!!

on 17 November 2020 at 12:13:54 MST

Hello My Lovelies!!! I created a Picartio so now I can stream without having to worry about censoring my art that I am working on!!! Come and check me out: Mai's Picartio

I hope you are all being safe during this trying time in our lives. Much has happened in the last 6 months. >.>...I'm sorry for not updating! I get easily distracted!!! I also am more active of FA, but I am going to try to be moire active on here as well!

I got married, quit my job, became a stay at home mom and now full time artist! That's right you heard it! Full time artist!!! So I am happy to announce that commissions are in full swing and I am ready to start creating the dreams that you have for your characters! Let me help you bring them to life! I promise I will try to me more active in posting and updating! I apologize for the flood that may happen!

You can find me on Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, E-mail, Twitter and Instagram!

I also need your help. I am trying to find all the art I did at cons. I forgot to take pictures of things I did because well lets face it, I'm pretty >.< So if I have done a commission for you at a Con send me a copy of it. It can be a scan or just a photograph, I'm not picky! You can either sent it via a Note here on FA, to my e-mail: or to any of my social medial pages. I'm trying to portfolio all the art I have done and would like to keep it on file! So if you could help me out that would be amazing!!!

Also I am starting to dabble in the YCH art. I will be getting some bases out and up. Let me know what you guys like and I will try to deliver the best YCHs that I can!!!

I updated my old price guide to something more adjusted to my current style! ---> Mai's Prices

When commissioning me you are getting art that is made to your liking. I will ask in depth questions about your character to make sure I am drawing your character correctly. I am perfectly fine with working off of written descriptions just be prepared to be asked a million questions.

Commissions will be completed in the order that they are paid for. Art work will be started on once payment has been sent. I will send you pictures/scans of my progress to make sure that I am doing your Sona justice.

I am not the best with humans. So if you commission a human commission please be patient with me since humans are not my strong suit!

I look forward to working with you! I love you all! Please be safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do! <3 <3 <3

<3 Momma Mai

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Tradional & Digital
from $ 10.00
to $ 45.00

Comic Pages

Comics Priced Per Page
from $ 20.00
to $ 65.00

Flat Color

Basic Flat Color
from $ 40.00
to $ 50.00

Full Color & Shading

Full Detail
from $ 50.00
to $ 60.00


Basic Outling
from $ 20.00
to $ 30.00

Ref Sheets Flat Color

Flat Colored Ref
$ 60.00

Ref Sheets Outline Only

Blank Outline Ref
$ 40.00


Basic Sketch
from $ 15.00
to $ 25.00


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      Aw Thank you so much for the compliment! It's a lot of practice, Monster and curse words lol

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