[Collab] - "Yes, They Are Real.. And They Can Cut Glass." by Maesma

[Collab] - "Yes, They Are Real.. And They Can Cut Glass."


7 March 2015 at 12:21:31 MST

The finished rendition of the collaboration between my Hubby Patrick and I - His brains and my hand. We've been working on this together over many weeks. He's been absolutely invaluable in helping me with my art and pushing me to the next level. This is a redesign of the World of Warcraft species, Draenei.

This is the level that I will hold myself to with future commissions, and beyond, pushing further and better with each new challenge. If you are interested in seeing your character fleshed out to this degree, send me an email. My commissions are always open and you can reach me at [ Captainkatoart@gmail.com ].

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Bap the Magic Seeker © Patrick S.
Draenei Race © Blizzard Entertainment
Art © DM - Digital Maesma http://jessicatarndt.wix.com/captainkatoart - C•K•A

Commissions are open! Please send an email to
captainkatoart@gmail.com with your request.