Lady Pretz Undressed by Mad-Monty-Zuma

Lady Pretz Undressed


11 January 2015 at 11:49:31 MST

Many people have asked me just how Pretz's outfit works. Well it covers her tush and keeps her from getting arrested so I guess it works fine. XD

Seriously, her outfit is many layers and here I've broken it down for you so you can have some idea of just where everything goes. Shall we begin? No? Well too bad we're not waiting on you!

  1. Here's the outfit as you know it. Pretz tends to feel a bit insecure about how cold her body feels to people, so she wraps herself in layers so her body temp stays under wraps. Also it's modeled after the outfits many Marquis and other noblemen wear. She opted for this instead of a dress as it feels more comfortable to her and it's easier to kick in. ( her words not mine )

  2. Her sweater vest is removed and you see a long sleeved under shirt. Only the top is buttoned and the rest is left open. It gives the draping effect, almost like a cape or coat. It continues to give her the nobleman look.

  3. The long shirt is removed and you see her camisole ( undershirt, basically it's underwear ) and a better look at her pants. High at the knee and baggy, giving the look of a noble.

  4. The pants are off. ( calm down boys. We still have a bit more to go, so not fainting now ) Under we see she wears leggings. She likes tights/leggings a lot and tends to wear them with any and every outfit she can.

  5. And finally, yes boys.. her knickypants. If I can pull your eyes away from that for a moment and down to her feet. There you'll find what is known in Sector XII as Tarkans. They are tough leather sock like boots, worn by high society. They have no toes so these shoes do nicely. Being lower upper class she wears plain Tarkans. Mari Posa, being higher up, wears ones with ornamental designs on them. Pretz also likes them as they are light and do not hinder her ability to deliver a fast and hard kick. ( again her words not mine )

So gents.. and a few ladies. ( know you're there XD ) We'll leave our poor Ladybug so she may get dressed and keep some of her dignity intact. Hope this has answered some questions. Till next time.

Pretzel Anne Gwenevieve De La Cruz Tula (c) Miguel Tigre

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