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Ill Met by Mad-Monty-Zuma

Ill Met


10 January 2015 at 19:48:28 MST

So poor Miranda always thought something was up, I mean her sisters had powers.. all elemental in some aspect. But she had none whatsoever. One thing she knew was she was always told to stay indoor some nights, and it drove her crazy. She would always get antsy, very ill tempered, and at times well down right cranky on those nights. Her sisters insisted this even after they came to this time and lived with their dad. However one night she could not stand it, something inside her felt she had to be free. Her mother always warned her that going out would make the "Loup Garou" come for her. As a gal of 9 year old, she felt she was too old to be scared by such stories. Once outside she saw the moon for the first time, all full and bright. Then she learned that the Loup Garou her mom talked about, was coming for her.. but she never told her it was already inside.

Yes Miranda changes when the moon is full, but only if she sees it. Her personality changes to a rather angry and rash turn even if she stays indoors. So.. WHY is she cursed? I'll explain some other time, let's just say it's something she "inherited".

Miranda (c) Miguel Tigre

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