Waves of Mist by Madixyl (critique requested)

Waves of Mist (critique requested)


22 July 2017 at 07:24:24 MDT

Madixyl (มาดี), Waves of Mist. Created with a Wacom Bamboo CTH-670 Tablet in Photoshop Elements 11 and Clip Studio Paint; Originally 3200 x 4000 px. ©2016 | Diivon, Original Character Zarra ©

Gift for my truly kind and gifted friend Diivon on deviantArt! For the first time uploaded in 2016. <3 This was also the first artwork I created where I started using "มาดี" as my signature.

This was a painting I commenced with while researching various artistic epochs and movements for an essay in school. Being more properly introduced to the ideas of abstract- and surrealistic art, I was triggered to compose something with similar ideas of my own. :) This, skill-wise nor concept-wise looks anything like Salvador Dali's artwork; however, I wanted to give my friend Diiv's character Zarra an "abstract" twist... in waves of mist. Haha, such poetic rhyming. XD

But really, I hope you get the idea! This does by no means conform to "artistic requirements" or any specific category of art – but all that researching for school helped sailing some inspiration and creativity for this gift, and that will always remain the most significant. And I surely hope that it was okay doing this with your character, Diiv, and that you like this. :)

Constructive critique is appreciated, especially concerning the use of colors!

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    This is truly a masterpiece. I really like the shading and the way those characters look. Nice work

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      Oh my gosh, that's such a nice compliment. ;; Thanks a lot for the super nice comment!

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        You're welcome. Glad I could made someone smile.

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          Awww. :)

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              It's so nice of you to talk to me. :D How are you doing and what's up today?

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                2 days ago (sorry for the late reply)... Can't remember.

                Right now, I'm suppose to be sleeping.