Holding You Close Calms My Internal Storm by Mad-Face Pro c.c

Holding You Close Calms My Internal Storm

Mad-Face Pro c.c

6 April 2016 at 22:27:27 MDT

A surprise birthday present to one of my greatest friends, :iconsidfan12:. I think this is the earliest too since I don't know what time he's gonna see this, but I hope he jumps in excitement when he sees my message that I drew something for him. :D

I drew our cute pairing between my character, Sara, and his character, Balthazar. These two are both on their teens which they look pretty young and cute. I love how Sara came out. She looks so cute! ^w^ <3 Balthazar came out great as well. I was worried about how he'll turn out since I really have trouble drawing wolves. Dx So, I look up at some references and how to draw wolves properly. So it's great practice!

Sara is from the human world; an advanced civilized world with her precious Grapple Gun. She is a highly trained child soldier, part of an evil organization known as Xius. However, she rebels against the organization, wanting her dead, but she won't be getting down that easy. Balthazar is part of a world with mythical creatures roam and beasts people thought are myths. He lives in a wolf tribe and not much an advanced species, but Balthazar is a warrior ready to fight anything that harms his family, especially Gabriel's army.

Artwork and character, Sara, belong to me.

Balthazar belongs to Sidfan12 from dA.

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