This Feeling... by Mad-Face Pro c.c

This Feeling...

Mad-Face Pro c.c

14 December 2015 at 00:21:02 MST

A gift artwork for a very good friend of mine on Deviantart. I want to repay him for all the artworks, gifts, and support he has given me. I felt bad for not drawing or giving him something to show how grateful I am to have a friend like him.

This artwork is pretty much based on an old RP my friend and I had done months ago. It's about Balthazar the wolf and Sara the human forming a friendship. However, Balthazar has trouble trusting humans but Sara was different. The two developed a bond and became really good friends. ^w^ There wasn't a part where Sara gave a kiss to Balt. ^^; I think Balthazar wanted one anyway. <3 So I decided to draw it.

I drew Balthazar in an anthro form instead of his regular four-legged self. I guess it seems appropriate since anthro-forms have human characteristics. Of course, Balthazar is a pretty tall, strong guy. Sara is not too short, but she has to tip-toe just to surpass his shoulder and give that surprise kiss on the cheek. >w< I felt that Sara's colors look out-of-place compared to Balthazar's. Maybe because Balthazar's outline is black and Sara's outline is in different colors. Well it still looks good though. :3

Sara and artwork belongs to me.

Balthazar belongs to my friend.

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