Exorcism by Machinesbleedtoo (critique requested)

Exorcism (critique requested)


15 February 2014 at 06:54:14 MST

One day you will fly away from here
One day you’ll leave your hurts behind

Above and Beyond- Love is Not Enough (listened to on repeat while drawing this. STILL not sick of it.)

My very belated Valentines Day contribution. I underestimated how long it’d take and overworked myself pretty badly which slowed me down a lot.

The concept behind this is centred around self-love, growth and letting go, and how they all go hand in hand, and how sadness can shape you into something amazing if you let it. Like, I get it- people are desperate to be in relationships a lot of the time because the media shoves that down our throats, but…there’s so much more that’s important. And if you become desperate for a relationship you fall in love with the idea of people more than the people themselves and that’s not fair on anyone involved.

So focus on stuff that matters. Like loving yourself first and learning to be alone comfortably. Personally I think it’s bullshit we even need a day to devote to love of all kinds— but, well, I wanted to draw something for it that conveyed something other than the depressing side of heartbreak or overly lovey-dovey stuff.

I come from eight years of abuse and a trainwreck of a relationship life and I came out of it as a better person than I was before. So every Valentines Day I like to remind myself of this, and remind others that it’s possible to live a full life without relying on romantic love.

30 hours over 3 days, 20 layers, photoshop CS4. MY EYES BURN I am going to sleep for fifteen hours tonight ughagfhf. Brb while I never draw ever again.

Kinda a mashup of last years V’day image and the year before’s.

TUMBLR IMAGE LINK - it has closeups.

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    This is just all kinds of beautiful. The art, the concept, just all around awesome.