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Looking for One More Person for RF Room

Hey guys! Excited for Rainfurrest?! I know I am! I'm currently looking for ONE more person to room with us at RF!
Here are the details and rules:

So far it's me and RBillionn and I want a max three people (Including me).

It's $178.71 per person for the weekend and I like to get payment asap (I'm not unreasonable but it has to be before the con, preferably sooner rather than later)

My room is booked for Thursday (25th) to Sunday (27th) and has:

Two king sized beds
Pool view (It's immensely fun to watch people awkwardly swim from the comfort of your room plus the "pool view" rooms tend to be nicer)
Late checkout, so on Sunday we leave at 5pm instead of rushed out at noon
Free high-speed internet

And I've requested but am not guaranteed:

To be close to the elevators (Unsure which floor they put us on but if it's the 2nd floor it'd be nice to be near one)
To be on the side of the hotel that's close to the convention space

I will be suiting at RF so expect a hot fursuit spread out on a single piece of furniture (Maybe just use my bed, but it's something I'd want you to know about)

I also like to have the AC on at night as a sort of sound filter so any noises are blocked out and it's easier to sleep for everybody

You two people will be sharing one bed and I'd get the other

There will be no drama, you will not steal/look through our things and we will grant you the same respect

Unless we say otherwise you can just assume that no one is sharing food, we will all bring our own (Not that I won't share but I've roomed with people who just expected everyone else to feed them and that's not happening again)

Please PLEASE don't have sex in the room, it's just yucky to come back to the room all tired and sore just to walk in to witness a blowjob (Yes, this has happened to me, too)

Try to keep the mess to a minimum. It's a con, we're all gonna be on a relaxed vacation but dirty clothes and trash everywhere is going to give me a panic attack so please no lol I'm very clean and the most of my stuff you'll see is my food on the dresser and my suit cooling on a chair or something

Please be respectful of people sleeping at night, go ahead and stay out late and get drunk and come back at 3 in the morning but do so quietly

No hotel parties! Sorry but there are enough of those going on that you can trash someone else's room at one, just not ours lol

It would only be us three and I have a rule about no one bringing anyone else back to the hotel for the night, they didn't pay, they don't get to stay for free.

Unless I'm sick I don't snore and I can't sleep when other do so PLEASE no sorers ;o;

I tend to go off on my own and while I'd love to hang out with you guys don't worry about me constantly tagging along or anything, we can just do what we want :)

I'm hoping these rules make it a nice place to stay for everybody and you can kind of know what to expect!

Not sure there's anything else to say but it's an excellent room and I know we'll have a great time!!

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    I may be going out on a limb here, but did you ever read Calvin and Hobbes?

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    Your icon is the best. o.o <3

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    I guess I'll try Weasyl AND FA! xD

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    Welp I set up a Weasyl so I could watch need to learn how this site works. lol

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      That is the sweetest thing ;o; hug Good luck getting used to the site, it's a little different XD Still taking me awhile!

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    following you over here too!! i agree, FA's making me super uncomfortable