The Haunt of Fear by Lynchenberg

The Haunt of Fear


29 January 2014 at 12:16:05 MST

My favorite Ghoulunatic! =D


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    You did Graham Ingels proud.

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      I hope so! He was my favorite EC artist, him and Jack Davis. Also love Reed Crandal and George Evans. But then again, I love them all, they were such incredible draftsmen and unique artists.

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        Ditto. They brought skills from all manner of artistic mediums, from commercial design to technical manuals, into the horror/fear/haunt genres. This level of skill gave twisted, shocking and thrilling stories an edge that other companies didn't have. This skill being why so much attention was drawn (Heh heh) to their level of grue.
        Like the infamous beheaded wife cover in Crime SuspenStories #22, used as a dagger in the back by Dr. Wertham and in his Seduction of the Innocence claptrap.