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First and Foremost: before any real negotiations are made, please send a message somewhere ASKING IF I AM OPEN for the type of commission that you want. 

Second and Nextmost: please email me at monster.commissions[at] with what you would like as exactly and precisely as you can, with full reference pictures for the job. i don't necessarily need a full sheet, just enough of the character for what you want. i will send you a QUOTE in reply, along with information about my current queue. then you can decide if you want to go through with the commission. (i'm trying to organize hosting a quote form for people to fill out to make this a smoother process)


q) Can I watch you stream? 

a) Yes, I will post the streams in a journal and submission here.

q) Can I have free art? 

a) No. If you ask online, the answer will always be no. However, catch me in a stream when I'm in the right mood, or in person with a paper and pencil, ask politely for a doodle, and I will most usually serve you well!

q) Why does your art take so long? 

a) Because life also takes long, and I am young and still learning to manage myself. But damn if I don't try to make it as worth it to my customers as possible.

q) Will you draw porn? 

a) What kind? I'll draw whatever I'm comfortable creating as a piece of art. Most of that is fairly vanilla (feet, rough sex, bondage, puppy/pony play) and some of it is harder stuff (scarification, amputation, breath control, gore). It really depends if I'm in the mood to. Helpful hint though: I'm usually not.

q) Will you draw my strange request? 

a) Is it diaper/cub fur, inflation, inanimate transformation, sonic the hedgehog, my warrior's OC, neopets etc.? No. Most other things? Not on request. As a commission? Lets talk.

q) Where can I contact you? 


email: monster.commissions[at] 

skype: on request through notes or another form of contact

twitter: @_lycheecommish only for asking short questions. please do not send me your information or references here unless i ask for them on a special, or for warm up sketches

notesYES I DO USE NOTES but please title them with your commission type

shouts: please don't, that's not a good place to ask for commissions, i use that for fangirling and local shoutouts and things

text: i'd prefer not, even if you are a friend with my number 

q) Can I repost the art you did for me? 

a) Other than Weasyl:Yes, as long as you don't try to pass it off as your own, and link back to my page when you do. If I send you a high-res image with no watermark, please do NOT use that version. Use the lower dpi version with the watermark for web uploading. On Weasyl: i will send you a collection offer, please do NOT repost.


By commissioning me an art piece of a value (I will assign the value, but after a purchase is made, I will not request more from the commissioner during or after the art is finished, unless the commissioner has discussed additions or adjustments with me during the process) equal to or above $30 USD, a down-payment will be required to ensure the effort and time for sketching and prepping, thumbnail-ing, etc. and to ensure the art will be paid for in full after it is finished. 

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to participate in a creative process. This is not like pressing a button and watching a robot assemble a box in a uniform fashion in a uniform time; there are fluctuations in time and creation. This said, once you have deposited either the full amount (or a down payment for any commission totaling over $30), you will be guaranteed a piece of art. In most all cases, this is the commission desired in the first place, but in disaster scenarios, this would either be a piece of make-up art, or an art of lesser value and a refund of your money. Again, this is if something like a family emergency, living space emergency, school emergency, or things of that nature arise, and it is the exception, not the norm.

A commission's work will begin after I receive a reference picture(s) or description of the character(s) in question. From then on, I will begin work on it and check in at a limited number (2) intervals needed for specific details unique to each piece. Streaming is the easiest way to see the art and comment on it. I post a link to every one of streams here, and it is up until I stop streaming. I will contact the commissioner through email if a stream is inconvenient.

After references have been submitted through email and full or down payment has been received, the sketching process begins. Midway through the initial sketch, posing and detail references may be discussed and settled on ONCE, at my discretion. The commission will be completed in this way, if it does not require color. No other modifications, alterations or changes may be requested to the sketch or lines after this stage. If the commission involves specific colors, input from the commissioner is sought and changes to color pattern only are discussed and settled on at my discretion ONCE. No other modifications, alterations or changes may be requested after this stage. Personal modifications to any commissions produced by the artist are allowed, only if the modifying party includes a link or reference to the original being modified, and the artist of the original (see CC licence at the bottom). Modifications may include: compiling into a reference sheet, color and light editing, .gif editing, creating a composition with multiple works, or other types of modification.

All work created by me follows the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial works license; this means you can share it, remix or re-render it with a credit to the original and a referral to the creator, but cannot charge for redistribution, and cannot use it as a product to profit or use for marketing licenses.

Works on commission for logos, graphics and designs are attributed on a case-by-case basis.

In every case, negotiations are worked out by either sending me a note or an email. I will accommodate requests to the best of my ability.



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