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College is over - rl situation, commissions, growth drive

on 14 December 2015 at 21:51:02 MST

College and rl crap

If you just want to read about my current commission status and the upcoming growth drive details, feel free to skip this.

You all know college has kept me pretty busy this semester and on top of that, I've had some crap to deal with because of it. Hopefully one of the major slip ups by the college itself has been settled once and for all, because if not, I would have had to find a way to pay for this semester myself... (Which is what happened the past few semesters and I never found out why, but there's a chance it could have been the same reason...) Basically, the assistant had marked me as already having a bachelor's degree for some reason and my aid request got rejected because of that. I never received any emails or letters at the post office notifying me of the issue either; the only reason I found out was because I had gone to get some papers I needed and they wouldn't give them to me until that matter was settled.

As for rl stuff, I haven't exactly been in the best mood lately as too many stressful things have been going on lately. I've had my feelings trampled on by some friends (rl friends only; the rest of you have been pretty awesome) and my bro, always being brushed off as a joke or "stuff that I shouldn't take so seriously". There's also the ever-annoying comparisons, belittling and whatnot that are considered as a "fact" by them, then having the nerve to ask me "Why are you so bitter?" "Laugh a little." and so on.

Last week (on Tuesday or Wednesday iirc) my brother made me skip out on lunch all because he needed some money to buy Karma Koin, a card that’s used to get currency for use in the ingame cash shop of Nexon games nowadays, though his favorite game (and tbh, the only one he plays when no one’s over for a visit), Elsword, also takes those cards in exchange for K-Ching (its cash shop currency). He tried to justify this by picking at my weight and eating habits, telling me that I didn’t need to eat because I’m fat (which I am, but that doesn’t mean I have to take shit from him, especially when it doesn’t affect him in any way whatsoever). Not only that, but his other reason for justifying it was that “he hadn’t bought any K-Ching since a year ago or so” and that “his reasoning is right and hasn’t made any mistake whatsoever with that choice”. We’ve never really gotten along and I’ve never expected to, but as you can see from that he’s getting worse every year.

Lately, my bro’s been trying to make me look bad in front of those guys and hide his leeching incompetent nature from them, even though they already know that part of him pretty well (and they also know of the events I mentioned before, which is why his incompetence shift failed miserably last night). While I may not be perfect, I’m glad that I’m nothing like them because I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet all of you throughout these past few years. I might not be able to spend much time with you guys, but you’re all a very important part of my life.

Thanks for sticking around with me all this time, both friends and fans alike.

Commission status

Now that classes are over, I will finish up the last overdue commission. I’m very sorry that I’ve taken so long to get it done, but I’ll try to get it done before this year is over. Thanks for being so patient.

Slots are still open, so if you want to grab one, now’s your chance: (the price list can be seen on the sidebar of my profile)

drakon74 (Tumblr/FA)(3-Part sequence)[WIP-2/3 Lineart; Coloring coming next]

New growth drive coming soon; new payment method for commissions available

My mattress is pretty old (it was a hand-me-down from my uncle when he moved out of my grandpa’s house, along with the bed and wooden support which aren’t really in the best shape either; I think they might still hold, but we’ll see) and it’s been killing my back this whole semester. A few springs in the mattress have already pierced out of it on both sides, ruining a few of my bedsheets; the mattress itself has already sank around the middle and it just keeps getting deeper. I’ve put a comforter over the bed to not get myself poked any longer and help soothe my back, though it hasn’t worked at all for the latter. I estimate that I’ll need about $200 just for the mattress (depending on the store and/or sales going on this season), though I’ll need a bit more to buy new sheets and bedding to replace the ruined ones.

I also need to buy a new laptop battery because the one I had bought last year just died completely yesterday. It didn’t really last long, probably like 5 months, since it was a no-name 3rd party one, but for the price (compared to getting an original one, which is expensive for what it does) it was worth it. The original ones seem to be having a pretty good sale on Amazon right now, though there doesn’t seem to be any trustworthy sellers that are able to ship over here. If anyone knows anywhere else that I might be able to get a good deal on original laptop batteries or some good 3rd party brand, let me know. (It’s for a Dell Inspiron 15 3520)

As for new payment methods, I’ve opened up a public wish list on Amazon where you can see some of the stuff I’d love to have at some point and items that you’ll be able to buy for me as payment for a commission. The available commission types for these are the same as usual, though in some cases I’ll have to round it out and discuss it further, just to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth (and that I don’t overwork myself haha). New items might be added every now and then, such as collectibles, gaming stuff, bigger clothing, etc.

Please note that this payment method should only be used if you do not have a Paypal account/are unable to pay through Paypal itself.

Long story short, I’ll be doing a new growth drive with an original/new anthro character to buy the mattress and sheets. Any new commissions from now on will also apply towards this and/or other personal things, such as a new battery for my laptop. Items bought through the Amazon Wish List will also count toward the weight said character will be gaining. I’ll post about it again once I have everything ready.

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*Additional charges may be applied depending on how detailed the character is or if several characters are added after shading has been chosen.

**Sketches are not colored and are usually rough.


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