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Beyond Winter's Reach by Luthien_Nightwolf

Beyond Winter's Reach


FINALLY finished this one! :D Much needed personal art that I've been working on during the past month or so (if you follow my art page on Facebook you've seen the WIP shots) of Luthien and Morloth (my black cat) enjoying the warm, ethereal beauty of the forests of southern Valinor. A land of eternal summer, only the highest peaks ever see snow, so Luthien spends her days in her new home there in a perfect paradise, surrounded by green beauty, fragrant flowers and of course, her animal companions. :)

The style for this is very much inspired by the movie "The Secret of Kells" - I've wanted to do a piece like this for a couple years now, and since I just moved I thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate my new home and really, a new life. So this is my early birthday gift to myself this year, and one I will definitely be hanging on my wall. n_n

I am still tossing around name ideas for Luthien and Pach's home - but for now, suffice it to say they are living together in this magical forest and they are quite content to stay there. :3

If you'd like to follow my facebook art page and haven't already done so, you can find it at

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    So lovely.

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    Beautiful! I can definitely see the Secret of Kells style inspiration. I also like her hair and dress. Ya know what, I think I'm going to watch your works. I look forward to seeing more of this stunning quality.

    On another note: I wish you good luck and a happy, fresh new start in your new home.