Ready For Action by Lurigo

Ready For Action


7 April 2014 at 14:45:43 MDT

My week off wasn't completely unproductive at least.
I sat there with my sketchbook, wondering what to draw. Haven't drawn my vixen Flare in a while, so I figured it's about time I drew her again.
Edited her outfit a little. Her top remained the same, but I changed the pants a bit by adding the darker parts (inspired by some BDU pants I saw), and added optional knee guards. Boots also got some minor changes.
She's got a Glock 17C in her right hand and a tanto-style tactical knife in the other.
Had a lot of fun drawing this. I'm getting better at poses, and faces it seems. That fluffy tail was particularly fun to draw.

So here she is. Flare, ready for action!