Fixer by Lurigo



3 March 2019 at 11:18:16 MST

I've finally drawn something that isn't just a rushed sketch, and is more along the lines of my usual quality I used to do way back.
It feels great being happy with a drawing for once! Plus using larger and smoother A4 paper made shading so much easier and enjoyable. I bought a whole stack of the stuff, and hope to fill them all with more detailed and properly shaded drawings.
This drawing was actually started at the beginning of the year, after working on my car a lot and getting my first torque wrench. The page ended up in a pile of stuff though and I forgot about it, and I only dug it out again recently after doing some cleaning. I decided to finish it for this week, and I am so glad I did. So happy with it!

As for work on the car: I had replaced the fuel pump, which had been causing both an oil and fuel leak for a very long time.
This made cleaning the underside of the engine and front suspension worthwhile, since it wouldn't just get covered in oil all over again. I'm pretty certain that led to some weight reduction, because it was a pretty thick layer of oily grime on the oil sump and skid plate!
I also changed the oil and did many other bits of repair/restoration work on my car during my break from work and classes. It's looking and running a little better now!
It's pretty fun and rewarding to be able to work on one's car and not depend on some dodgy repair shop or have to hassle a dealership.

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