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Somehow you have made your way to this page, you see a lonely person, sitting in the corner escaping the dim light of the torch. The chill of the air flowing in though the individual bricks of the dungeon walls. The faint scratching of a pencil, tickles your ears, until the light crash of the pencil, smashing the floor, echos in the chamber. Looking away you find the gate to the outside, so colourful and vibrant not like the damp dungeon, left wide open. "Why are you here?" the stranger whispers. Your head snaps to the source, the lonely person, now staring with his eyes of bright orange and yellow. What can you say?

Hehe, not bad eh. A bit cliche though.

Nothing like using a cryptic story to try and tell others that you are lonely. Either way, Hi welcome to my page. I'm just a year 12 student trying scrape by school, while trying to get better at drawing. (To be honest, I think I chose the wrong subjects of Year 11 and 12, should have gone with art). Who know's, you may have interacted with me in the past, but I doubt.

Now what are my goals? Well why would I tell a complete stranger. Let's just say I want to give back, to the communities that made me feel at home.

Personal Interests? Well creative media is one. Writing, world building, character design, and just art in general. You'll also catch me playing some games every now and then (Mainly Dead Cells and TF2).

Now one problem I have... I live under a rock. Call me a hermit, I do not interact with many others, only those that are close. Though as I said before. I do feel lonely in this fandom, I only really have a sibling even then, I just feel really lonely :(

I'm not going to accept commissions, cause right now I'm just trying to scrape by school and I genuinely do not believe my skills are up to the task. Maybe later I'll start doing more once the HSC is over.


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