Kangaroo Hop-Cycle by LunoWroo

Kangaroo Hop-Cycle


5 March 2014 at 04:07:50 MST

It was about time to animate something and walkcycles are way to mainstream... ^^ Okay I just wanted to try something new and improve my animation- skills a bit. Personally I think I got a bit better but there are some things that maybe... let's say its not very accurate. Especially I did not know what to do with his arms, which are about as twice as big as natural- kangaroo arms. Yeah but thats how it is, if you want to have sort of human-proportions....
Color? Wanted to give him a color that is not "taken" by another furpal (like green by Duncan or blue by Avalon [...]) but aperently I've got no chance in finding one... So however he is orange... ^^
I hope it maybe can come an handy sometimes for someone who wants to animate a kangaroo or the like.

Hope you ejoy it!



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    Oh, that's sweet! I need to do more 3D animations myself.

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      Thank you! I really like to see one of your animations! There can never be enough of that stuff ~ unfortunatly it is always very time consuming... ^^

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    I dunno it seems more like he's kicking sand than hopping to me. Though I've only seen references for running hopping and not casual hopping on kangaroos so I got no advice for ya.

    Otherwise it's cool dude!