The era of Xenia by Luna WL / Dust ST (critique requested)

The era of Xenia (critique requested)

Luna WL / Dust ST

9 July 2018 at 15:42:26 MDT

Welcome, this will be one of many drawings to come of a dragon called Xenia.
I'm trying to find the most suitable design for her, as I can't seem to stick yo one thing.

She's based off a swan- That represents love and music.
Also a tree called 'Jacaranda tree'.- Known to be in tropical climates and it's hard branches.

She's a fragile and weak dragon structurally, with large wings to float. Known by her name, she's one to put others before herself even if she's suffering because of it. She'll sacrifice herself for others happiness, a spiritual dragon who sings to pleases.
But like music, leaves and swans, they fly away and she soon follows that path as to find her own self worth and help others who deserve it that won't use her. Like her Kingdom did, but it took her so long to realise that.
Psychically weak, but strong of the heart.

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