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Header and Icon ©️ Michelle ' Luna ' Haycraft

S T 4 T U S ° Hiatus Due to Extreme Anxiety Crisis / Mental Health Problems .

I am Currently Not Mentally / Physically Able to Work On Art .

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Starting Fresh :3

I Have Been Going Through An Extreme Anxiety / Depression Crisis but ' Somehow ' I Have Been Holding On . I Have In Fact , Deleted a Few Of My Previous Art Sites and Social Media Accounts I Had . Mainly I am Trying to Go Over the List I Created to Keep Up with All Of My Art Sites and ' Cull ' A Few to Replace them with Other Ones I Already Had / Have .

For Example : Due to Reasons I Cannot Be On Twitter Right Now , Possibly Never at All Honestly and I am Just Tired Of Having to Keep 3 Seperate Twitter Accounts to Keep the Content Organized How I want it , Anyway . So the Only Type Of ' Microblog ' I Need that Concerns Me Right Now Is One For ' Fun Times ' My Comic . So I Moved it to . I do Have Hopes that I will Feel Better One Day to Revive it , though I Still Need Some Time to Recover From Burnout Among Other things , etc .

A Few Of My Accounts are Disabled Until I Figure Out what to do with them / Figure Out when I will be Able to Delete them If I Decide to , etc . I Realized you Cannot Delete your Weasyl Account so Since I Already Have it I am Going to Try to Hold Onto it and as a Result Decided to Start Fresh For Now .

I Think For Now Most Of Everything Has Been Cleaned Up so I Have Just Been Trying to Take Care Of My Health . Once I Heal and Can Work On Commissions and Figure Out the Type Of Shop I want For My Art I will Update with Something . But For Right Now I am Only Creating Art For Enjoyment / Healing Purposes . Stay Safe Out There ! :3 ~

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